Thrifty Dip Blender

Thrifty Dip Blender





The Thrifty Dip Blender is a guarantee that you will get perfectly mixed dip every time. The system comes with a control box that will regulate the blending of the dip. The control box has tubes that connect to your water pressure and dip (water pressure must be at 30 PSI or greater).The system is self regulating, and will shut down automatically when it has reached the max fill that you prefer, which ensures that you will always have the perfect amount of dip ready for use. Incredibly accurate and reliable, it is a simple system that requires little to no maintenance.

This system works with all of our Chlorine Dioxide dips, and the Thrifty Water Treatment.


1 Control Box

1 Reservoir Tank

2 Suction Hoses (For Part A & B Dip)

Note: If your water pressure fluctuates, a water pump can be added to the system to ensure a consistent flow of properly blended dip.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 28 × 12 in


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