Thrifty Dipper

The Most Effective Dip Cup

on the Market.


The Best Dip Cup

on the market speaks for itself.

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Skin Coverage
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Dip Savings

Run it over with a truck and it keeps on dipping.

Machined out of extremely durable plastic, this dip cup is the most durable cup out there. The dairy barn is a rough environment but dairymen can have peace of mind with the Thrifty Dipper. The dipper will hold up fine against cows stepping on it or milkers beating cows with it.

"The Thrifty Dipper has cut down my post dip more than a half since using them. I don't think there is anything on the market with such a cost savings impact. This is one change you can make to put dollars immediately in the bank."

Bar 20 Dairy

Kerman, CA

"I bought three Thrifty Dippers in June of '04. The second half of the year I used them. It saved me about half of the pre and post dip which is about $5,200 in half a year. On top of that, the SCC went down from 230 to 160 which saves me even more."

Frank Genugben

South Solon, OH

The Power Behind the Dipper.

The Wiper

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Painting On Dip

When you squeeze the bottle, dip is applied to the Wiper. The Wiper applies the dip to the teats in the same way that a brush applies paint to the wall. You would not throw the bucket of paint on the wall, just like you should not dip with just a chamber filled with dip. 

The Wiper applies the perfect amount to the teat and pushes the dip into the cracks and orifices in the skin. Then it wipes of the excess dip.

Wipers Made For Pre and Post Dipping.

The black wiper has stiff bristles made for pre dipping. The red, white and blue wipers have softer bristles for post dipping.

Snap Ring

The Snap Ring locks the wiper into place.


The Wiper is what makes this dipper so economical. It paints the teats with dip, only applying the amount of dip you need.


The Handle allows the dipper to be hung in the dairy barn for convenience.

Upper Chamber

The Upper Chamber is machined out of a solid piece of UHMW plastic making it extremely durable/

Draw Tube

The Draw Tube allows dip to be transported to the upper chamber.


The Bottle has the perfect balance of squeezability and durability.