Kills warts on contact.

Thrifty Hoof is a powerful hoof spray and footbath additive. It comes ready to use as a spray and is simple to mix for a footbath. Thrifty Hoof eliminates hoof rot and warts in as little as one application.

Hoof Spray

The product comes ready to use as a spray. Just attach the sprayer that comes with your order, and spray the hooves when the cows come in for milking. Use the spray if there are signs of warts or to prevent and get rid of hoof rot. Spray accurately and only enough to cover the area. This will reduce waste and improve the results. Spraying lesions when they are young can eliminate them with just the first spray. Warts with deep roots will take a few applications.

Hoof Bath Additive

Thrifty Hoof will greatly improve the affects of your hoof bath. Mix with 1/2 a bag of copper and 1/2 a gallon of Thrifty Hoof for every 50 gallons of water that is used.

Need More Than A Few Gallons?

A single gallon will treat up to 300 applications, but if you need more we have many options. We also supply Thrifty Hoof in 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums. For a special order like this, please feel free to contact us.