Thrifty Hoof

Thrifty Hoof


Kills warts on contact!

Sprayer included

For larger orders please send inquiry below


Our Thrifty Hoof™ is a proprietary blend of acidic ingredients that kills the heel wart virus on contact. When a young wart lesion is sprayed, the first spray is generally all that is required to eliminate it. For larger, more developed lesions, more than one application will be necessary. This hoof product is the most powerful killing product on the market. Thrifty Hoof™ comes with a sprayer that attaches to the jug, making this product easy and convenient to use in your barn.

Large Thrifty Hoof Order

Our large dip orders range from 15 gallons of part B to as many 55 Gallon drums are needed.

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Small – 1 Gallon, Medium – 2 Gallons, Large – 4 Gallons


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