Quick Shot Classic

Quick Shot Classic


Pre and Post Dip, makes 30 gallons

With 1,500 parts per million and 3$ per gallon, you won’t find a better quality dip for this price.

For larger orders please send an inquiry below.


Our dip is a chlorine dioxide concentrate that is tough on bacteria, and soft on udders. With 1,500 parts per million, you will not find another dip with more killing power. It’s versatile, working well as a foam or a liquid to provide you with the perfect teat dip for your barn. This dip must be mixed with our Part A Activator to create the chlorine dioxide kill power. Mixing your dip will take 2 minutes a day, and will keep your dip fresh for every cow. This dip can be used for pre and post dipping. Note: To keep dip fresh, mix only enough for each shift. If you have some leftover, use it in the next milking shift, but don’t mix anymore until it is all used. Be sure to mix the correct ratio and keep mixing equipment clean to ensure best results. Recipe and mixing instructions included.

Large Dip Order

Our large dip orders range from 15 gallons of part B to as many 55 Gallon drums are needed.

Additional information


Small – 1 gal of B 1 gal of A, Medium – 2 gal of B 2 gal of A, Large – 4 gal of B 4 gal of A


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