Strip, Dip, & Scrub

Strip, Dip, & Scrub



The Strip, Dip, and Scrub™ is our guarantee for clean teats. You’ll never milk cleaner, more stimulated cows!

With this glove-like dipper, you can turn your dip into foam and scrub away dirt and bacteria.

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The Strip, Dip, and Scrub™ is a foaming glove that guarantees a clean teat for every milking. Allowing milkers to scrub the teat with foamed dip ensures that dirt and bacteria are removed, dip is applied, and the teat is stimulated. It simultaneously strips the teat while scrubbing, so your cows are prepped for milking. This system comes equipped with everything you need to hook up to your air pressure and dip supply.

Note: If you are using the same dip for pre and post, you can add a T-150 Pro Foamer Gun™ to the same control box for ultimate savings on post dipping.


System Includes:

1 Control Box

1 JAH scrubbing glove

1 Hose Kit

Twin Line to measurement

Suction Line to measurement

To Install:

Unwind hose from box, mount the control box to the wall, and tie to existing plumbing or brackets. Then, plumb the unregulated air supply from compressor to the control box. Place the suction line into your dip supply, and start foaming!

Measurement instructions for each hose:

1)Suction Hose- Measure from the control box to the bottom of the dip supply. Wherever you choose to keep your dip, the suction hose needs to be able to reach the bottom of the drum.

2)Twin Hose- Measure from control box to center cow in pit.

3)Drag Hose (1-2 gun system)- Measure from the center cow in pit to the last cow. This hose needs to be able to reach every cow on either side.

For 3 or more guns, we will need the measurement of the entire pit.


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Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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