T-150 Pro Complete Foamer System

T-150 Pro Complete Foamer System



The most efficient way to apply dip. EVER.

Save  40-80% of your dip by switching to a foamer system!

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The  Thrifty 150 Pro Complete Foamer System™ is the most efficient dipper in the world.  Foaming your dip will bring you an additional 40-80% in dip savings, even if you are already using one of our Thrifty products! Foam means you can dip more for less, by injecting air into the dip and creating more surface area with less product. Our brush ensures that once the foam is applied, it pops the bubbles on the skin and forces the dip into the micro fissures of the skin, and delivers perfect coverage every time. The foam surrounding the teat locks in moisture, keeping that dip active longer than traditional liquid dipping.  The Pro Foamer System is designed to be easy for milkers to use, and allows them to move swiftly and efficiently throughout the barn. Watch as udder health improves  and savings increase when you use our Foamer System!


Thrifty 150 Pro Complete Foamer System™ Includes:

1 Control Box

1 Heavy Duty Foamer gun

1 Hose Kit

Pre-cut twin line (to your specific measurements)

Suction line

Drag hose (to your specific measurements)

Comes fully assembled and specific to your measurements.

To Install:

Unwind hose from box, mount the control box to the wall, and tie to existing plumbing or brackets. Next, plumb the unregulated air supply from compressor to the control box. Place the suction line into your dip supply, and start foaming!

Measurement instructions for each hose:

1)Suction Hose- Measure from the control box to the bottom of the dip supply. Wherever you choose to keep your dip, the suction hose needs to be able to reach the bottom of the drum.

2)Twin Hose- Measure from control box to center cow in pit.

3)Drag Hose (1-2 gun system)- Measure from the center cow in pit to the last cow. This hose needs to be able to reach every cow on either side.

For 3 or more guns, we will need the measurement of the entire pit.


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Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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