T-150 Pro Gun

T-150 Pro Gun



The T-150 Pro Gun™ completes the Thrifty 150 Pro Foamer System™ and will go to work for you in your barn.

Squeeze the handle to release the foam onto the top of your brush, and watch as dip usage and SCC counts go down, and udder health goes up.


The T-150 Pro Gun attaches to our foaming system to deliver your dip in a beautiful foam on top of our patented Wiper brush. This gun can also be used in our T-150 Liquid System. Hook up to 5 guns to one control box. NOTE: A Hose Kit is necessary for each gun added to a system.

Replacement or additional gun for Thrifty 150 Pro Foamer System™.

Parts included in gun: wand (with brush), handle, adapter

For instructions on use and installation, go to Thrifty 150 Pro Foamer System™ product page.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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