Thrifty 150 Post Dipper

Thrifty 150 Post Dipper



The Thrifty 150™ Post Dipper is the most efficient dip cup in the world.

This dipper features channels that bring the dip on top of the brush, eliminating the need to hold dip in the upper chamber, and furthering your savings. Get ready to save up to 80% of your dip with this dipper!


The Thrifty 150™ Pre Dipper is the most efficient dip cup ever. The upper chamber is equipped with channels that carry the dip to the top of the brush for direct application of fresh dip onto the teat. This unique design increases your savings by eliminating the need to carry dip in your upper chamber. Spills and splashes are done for, and you can expect to have a significant reduction in dip usage. Our patented brush will paint the dip onto the teat for 100% coverage every time, eliminating waste from spills and excess dip on the teat. You can now dip without a drip!

For effective and efficient use, lightly squeeze the bottle until you see dip travel up the channels and depositing on the top of the brush. Keep that same pressure as you dip for best results. Some dip will drip into the catch cup, and you can use that too!



  • An outer chamber with a handle, an inner chamber with channels.
  • Red cap for distinction between pre and post dip cups.
  • Choice between red, white, or blue brush. Replacement brushes available.
  • Non-Return style cup.

Additional information

Weight 02 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

Red, White, Blue, Any Color


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