Thrifty 150 Pre Dipper

Thrifty 150 Pre Dipper



The Thrifty 150™ Pre Dipper is the most efficient dip cup in the world.

Specifically for pre-dipping, you will want this cup for your lighter viscosity dips. Delivers 100% coverage and will save you up to 80% of your dip, guaranteed!



The Thrifty 150™ Pre Dipper is the most efficient dip cup ever. The upper chamber is equipped with thinner channels than the Post Dipper, designed specifically for lighter viscosity dips. This dipper is designed to draw the dip from the bottle and dispense it onto the top of the brush, for minimal dip usage and fresh dip with every squeeze. It comes with a special black brush that has stiffer bristles for additional cleansing of the teat. Our patented brush will paint the dip onto the teat for 100% coverage every time, eliminating waste from spills and excess dip on the teat. The Pre Dipper does not require you to hold dip in the upper chamber; If the dipper is knocked over, you don’t lose the dip that would have been suspended in the cup. You can now dip without a drip!



  • Inner catch cup with small channels for funneling dip to the top of the brush.
  • No dip held in upper chamber for additional savings.
  • Dip 150 cows with each fill.
  • Specific to the Pre Dipper is the inner chamber and the cap. All other parts are the same as the Thrifty 150™ Post Dipper.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 4 in


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